Time traveling with Jofra Archer, has Twitter found it’s new God?


Jofra Archer has to be some yesteryear, Saint. Don’t believe it? Re-visit his Twitter handle sometime and you would exactly know what we are talking about. This guy is an absolute freak. Many of his old tweets have resembled the happening in today’s world and while people are still trying to decode all this, the man himself has always played it down. Having said that, one certainly can’t deny that it is becoming a little too often nowadays.

After spooking out everyone with his super-natural powers while predicting the super-over of the 2019 World Cup FInal and also the fact that the nice guys will lose in the end, one of his old tweets resurfaced yet again while Prime Minister Narendra Modi imposed a much-needed lockdown in India. Here is the tweet:


While this could all be random, the fact that almost all his random predictions come true makes us wonder even more! Interestingly he had also tweeted previously that the world will have no place to run followed by a few other tweets which resemble India’s situation at the moment whereas the Prime Minister has requested all citizens to come out in their balconies/ doors and light candles and diya’s or use their phone torches instead to spread positivity. ( On the 5th of April for 9 mins at 9 PM)

Image Source: Twitter

Meanwhile, the Coronavirus has taken the world by storm while there are approximately 40, 000 cases in the United Kingdom already as we type this on Saturday, 5th April 2020. India has around 3000 positive cases at the moment with no community transmission but in a high population country, everyone certainly needs to be extra careful. Meanwhile, let’s hope ‘Mother Earth’ heals soon.

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