Top 3 fielders in the world currently


In the modern era fielding has become as important a facet as batting and bowling. In fact, modern captains and coaches often talk of players being multi-faceted and being good in atleast 2 of the 3 departments. Virat Kohli often talks about fielding being the only controllable out of the 3 departments in the game and that it is the best way to judge the mindset of the team and the individual. So it’s only fair that like batting and bowling, there should be fielding rankings too. Here are the top 3 fielders in International Cricket according to us;

1) Ravindrasinh Jadeja – One of the most beautiful sights in the game is to watch Ravi Jadeja chasing a cricket ball in full flight. That speed, that slide, that swift transfer of body weight and that quick,flat and accurate through is a sight to behold. He is always +20 when he sets foot on the field and that’s what makes him an irresistible package. He hardly ever drops a catch and mans the very crucial backward point area for his team.

Martin Guptill's World Cup story: Poor run with the bat, crucial ...
Source: India Today

2) Martin Guptill – Guptill has done some unfathomable things on the field and the best part about him is his ability to do it at the most crucial junctures. One just has to cast their mind back to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 semi final where he had one stump to aim at and he didn’t miss, thus ending Dhoni’s innings and Indian dreams. However, that’s not the only time he’s done something freakish like that. When New Zealand played Australia in the World Cup, Guptill upped the ante again by taking the most wonderful and impossible looking catch of main man Steve Smith.

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3) Glenn Maxwell – Much like his cricketing hero Ricky ‘Punter’ Ponting, Glenn Maxwell has arm hair in abundance. More importantly for Australia, the similarity doesn’t end there, as Maxwell is as good a fielder as the legendary Ricky Ponting. Be it slips, backward point, short cover or the long on boundary in the death overs, Maxwell always finds a way to stop runs for his team and hardly misses even a fly.

We do understand these ranking are subjective and every one will have their own favourites.

Do let us know who would be in your top 3 fielders in the comments section.

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