Video: Asif Ali almost hits Fareed Ahmad after getting dismissed during the 19th over

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There was drama, there were heart-breaks as the Afghanistan vs Pakistan game went down to the wire only for Naseem Shah to score 2 sixes and seal it for the Men in Green in the end.

Pakistan won the toss and elected to bowl first while the Afghans after a blazing start just about managed to get 129 on the board. Their bowlers though made life quite difficult for Pakistan in the chase and it all went down till the last over before Naseem Shah pinned the hopes of both Afghanistan and Indian fans.

While it was a well fought game of cricket, things did get quite heated up in the end with shots of aggression fired from both ends. However Asif Ali from Pakistan took it a little too far against the fast bowler from Afghanistan Fareed Ahmad and would have almost hit him with his bat if his team-mates did not intervene.


Yes, Fareed did give him a fiesty send- off but that gave no right to Asif Ali to even threaten to hit someone physically. While tempers can flare up during high intensity games like these, this surely was’t the right kind of sportsmanship on display and we shall leave it to that.

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