Virat Kohli reveals the bowler who made him look like a fool


It seems like Insta lives is the way to go for our beloved cricketers to remain in touch with their fans, friends and colleagues. After Rohit and Yuvraj, Virat Kohli has now gone on a spree of Insta lives, much to the happiness of his fans. These talks give us further insights into the personality of the cricketers.

So when India’s cricket captain and captain of the Indian football team came together to chat, it naturally became the talk of the town in the country. It must be mentioned here that Sunil Chhetri and Virat Kohli are very good friends in real life too. It must be said that Chhetri had done his fair share of homework and asked some really well researched questions off Virat.

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Source: Insidesport

The two highlights of the conversation were when Virat revealed that one innings he wished he had played was the desert storm innings of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar and when Virat revealed that Shane Warne made him feel like a fool in IPL 2009.

“Shane Warne made me look like a fool during IPL in 2009. I played him again in 2011 in Rajasthan, nothing significant happened there. He did not get me out, I did not score many runs against him. After the match, he came up to me and said never say anything back to the bowler, but obviously I did not listen” Virat said with a broad smile on his face.

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