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Virat Kohli Takes An Indirect Dig At Hardik And KL After Their Cheap Comments!


The Indian Cricket Team Captain Virat Kohli finally reacted on the controversy which has left everyone in the cricketing fraternity stunned.

Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul, especially the former has been facing some serious backlash after their derogatory comments against women on the talk show ‘Koffee With Karan’ and while everyone has been talking about it ever since, the Indian Captain Virat Kohli finally shared his views leading up to a press conference ahead of the first ODI at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Kohli told the reporters that what Hardik and KL said were purely individual views and from the Indian Cricket Team point of view, any comments which are inappropriate is something which they don’t support. He further added that as an Indian Cricket Team and responsible cricketers, these are certainly comments which they don’t support and never will either.

Source: The Indian Express

Kohli also let everyone know that both Hardik and KL have realized the magnitude of it and are quite upset about it. Having said that, he assured everyone that the atmosphere of the dressing room is still positive and they have made sure to not let the controversy affect then.

The Captain did leave a cue though that there is a serious chance of Hardik being dropped due to instructions by the BCCI. He admitted that he might need to re-work the combinations a bit and there is a serious chance that Sir Ravindra Jadeja might get a look in.

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When asked to shed more light out the Hardik- KL incident, Kohli stated that everything is already in front of everyone and that is exactly what happened. Meanwhile, it would be interesting to see the combination India goes in with considering Hardik might be banned. We would like to wish both the teams all the luck for the upcoming series.

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