Wasim Akram points out the difference between Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli


Comparisons between Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli are endless and while Virat fans use stats to say there man is the better batsman in white ball cricket, Tendulkar fans comeback with the fact that there were better bowlers, lesser field restrictions and reverse swing in the 90’s.

Comparing eras is always difficult, but when one of the all time greats speak, one must stop and listen with a keen ear. Recently Akash Chopra asked Wasim Akram to differentiate between the two legends. “He (Virat) is a modern great. Compared to Sachin, two different players altogether. He’s very aggressive, as a person, as a batsman – positive aggression. Sachin was calm and yet aggressive; different body language. So as a bowler you read that as well,” Akram told Aakash Chopra on his YouTube Channel.

Sachin Tendulkar will be happy to see Virat Kohli breaking his ...
Source: India TV

Sachin knew that if I would try and sledge him, he would get even more determined. This is my take and I might be wrong. If I am to sledge Kohli will lose his temper. So, when a batsman gets angry, perhaps he will attack you and that is when you have the maximum chances of getting him out,” he added.

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