Watch: Sachin Tendulkar scores an emotional century in the 1999 World Cup, days after the demise of his father


To say that Sachin Tendulkar is a cult hero in our country would probably be an understatement. He is probably the most universally loved, adored, respected and celebrated Indian after the generation of our freedom fighters. And as they say that legends are not made overnight. There are various sequence of events that lead one man to turn into a billion hopes.

In the Tendulkar chapter, there is obviously the fact that he was the lone challenger and champion in the side in the 90’s, people also know that during the darkest chapter of match-fixing, he was the one name that came unscathed and untouched. Then there was the amazing Desert Storm innings where he single handedly humbled the Aussies and won India the cup.

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Source: Hindustan Times

However, one episode that probably cemented his place in hearts and minds of the Indian public came during the 1999 World Cup when the 26 year old at the time, lost his father and had to return home midway. The champion was advised by his mother, that his father would have loved for him to go back and play for the country in the World Cup where India lost to even Zimbabwe in his absence.

The Master came back within 4 days and fielded with black glasses because the tears couldn’t stop rolling down his cheeks. In the comeback match vs Kenya he scored a superlative century and that’s when for the first time he looked up skywards after scoring a century, something which we became accustomed to after that.

Watch the highlights of this emotional and unforgettable series here;

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