Watch: Shoaib Akhtar’s destructive bowling


Shoaib Akhtar was the fastest bowler that ever lived. Even though peers of Jeff Thompson might disagree, but the fact is that on record the speed gun shows Shoaib to be the fastest. The thing with Shoaib Akhtar is that with everything there’s a need for speed. His YouTube channel is also one of the fastest growing in the the world of cricket.

Recently Shoaib was pitted against Steve Smith in a virtual battle by the ICC on their twitter page and the fans were asked who would take the honours. To this Shoaib replied that he would bowl three fiery bouncers at Smiths and would knock him over on the 4th delivery.

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To this the ICC responded with an emoji of Micheal Jordan, which was seen as an insult by the Rawalpindi express. He called the ICC out for their biased approach and then put a video of his fiery bouncers knocking the batsmen over. And Akhtar said that he didn’t need memes to respond, but had real videos to counter the ICC’s claim.


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