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Watch: The Oval Gets Emotional As Cook Comes Out To Bat For The Last Time Ever


Alastair Cook was undefeated at 46 at the end of the third day’s play and the chef was all set to make one final appearance in International Cricket on day 4. There were a lot of emotions going through and every England Fan must have prayed for Alistar to get to his hundred and retire on a high.

Let’s be honest. Even if you’re an Indian Fan, considering he had already scored 46, you too might be telling yourself, “Well, I know it’s against India but 4 more runs please”. It was like the entire universe collaborated for Cook to score those 4 runs- Those who have read ‘The Secret’ would exactly know what I am talking about.

Image Source: The Oval

It was quite an emotional day for Cook and all those who have watched him over all these years. The former English captain has done everything a man could, in fact, he did exactly that. The left-handed batsman retired as the most capped England Test player having the maximum number of runs to his name and also captained England on more occasions than anyone else in the longest format. Here is how the Oval reacted when Cook came to out bat for the last time ever.

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