When Dhoni challenged DJ Bravo for a ‘three run’ race


DJ Bravo is one of the most colourful characters in the IPL and his skills aren’t restricted to batting and bowling. Yellow army fans will be first to confirm that the West Indian has great moves
that are on display everytime he grabs a catch. His song ‘DJ Bravo’ was a huge hit amongst the Indian audiences and this brought Bravo’s multiple talents to the fore.

MS Dhoni will be there at T20 World Cup: Dwayne Bravo - Sports News
Source: India Today

The Trinidadian who plied his trade for the Mumbai Indians till 2010, shifted to the whistle podu gang and since then has been a very important member of the franchise. That he shares a special relation with MSD is very much in the public domain and both of them have often come out and made statements of mutual admiration towards each other.

In the victorious 2018 campaign, Mahi kept on teasing Bravo that he’s now become old and slow. Bravo, who’s never one to take things lying down, challenged the Ranchi man to a race between the wickets. The race finally took place after CSK beat SRH to lift the trophy for the 3rd time in 2018 and MSD narrowly beat Bravo. The video which went viral at the time can be seen below;



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