When Rahul survived MSD’s no look throw


MS Dhoni is an unorthodox wicketkeeper but has the quickest hands when it comes to inflicting stumpings and run outs. A man never known to follow the text book, Mahi’s trademarks aren’t limited to just the helicopter shot. While wicketkeeping it is his freakish technique of not taking his hands back while collecting the ball that makes him the most dangerous customer to step out to.

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Source: Sportscafe

There is another skill that the Ranchi man has pioneered and that is the ‘no-look through’. It essentially is collecting the ball ahead of the stumps and throwing it towards the direction of the stumps without looking back. What it does is that it helps in saving time and with run outs, each mili second is crucial.

The CSK captain has bamboozled many a batsman like this and has pulled off some miraculous run outs in the bargain. On this particular occasion, it was a CSK vs KXIP match and KL Rahul was on the receiving end. Dhoni did everything right and found Rahul short of the crease but alas the bails didn’t come off.

Watch this freakish incident below;


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