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Meet The Beautiful Wives Of Indian Cricketers


Meet The Wives Of Indian Cricketers

Indian women have always been talented. The problem over these years has been lack of opportunity but that is not the case anymore at least in the urban areas of the society. From Sushma Swaraj to Sania Mirza, from Kalpana Chawla to Sania Nehwal- the Indian women have been there, done that and tasted a lot of success recently.

Moving on, straight to the point. We all often see the wive’s of the cricketers either getting clicked or cheering for their husbands from the stands but half of us, unfortunately, do not even know what these beautiful women actually do for a living. Yes, they go on tours with their husbands and also cheer for them all the time but that’s normal, isn’t it? A lot of them are way too intelligent and you would be impressed to know what they actually do for a living.

1. Ritika Sajdeh- The Wife Of Indian Cricketer Rohit Sharma


Ritika and Rohit are certainly still a better love story than Twilight. Those who saw her reaction while Rohit was on the verge of making his third double hundred would know what we are trying to imply here. The adorable duo met because Ritika was an event manager in Mumbai and as a matter of fact she still is. She has managed quite a few high profile celebrities in the past before and Rohit Sharma also happened to be one of them.

2. Priyanka Raina- The Wife Of Indian Cricketer Suresh Raina

Source: Mytimesnow

Suresh Raina’s wife Priyanka is also a perfect example of beauty with brains. Priyanka before meeting Raina use to live in the Netherlands and worked as an IT professional for an investment bank. Yes, you read that right. Then love made her relocate to India and she decided to sacrifice her amazing job for her amazing husband.

3. Tanya Yadav- The Wife Of Indian Cricketer Umesh Yadav

Source: CNMSports

For those who don’t know Tanya is Umesh Yadav’s wife. There are no surprises to guess that the lady has a wonderful sense of design as she happens to be a fashion designer. She specializes in fashion retail and merchandise. Well, there is no doubt that Umesh’s life would be all the more beautiful now, it already is rather.

4. Ayesha Mukherjee- The Wife Of Indian Cricketer Shikhar Dhawan

Source: India TV

You don’t mess with the Ayesha!. Why is that? Well, she is a well-trained kickboxer and a professional athlete who used to live in Sydney before falling in love with Gabbar. She is one of the fittest when it comes to the better half’s of the cricketer’s and just like her husband she could also knock a few off the ground. The only difference being she can literally knock off people rather than just balls.

5. Nupur Kumar- The Wife Of Indian Cricketer Bhuvneshwar Kumar


Nupur is Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s wife. A lot of you would be surprised to know that the lady holds a degree in engineering and also worked as an engineer at a Multi-National Corporation in Noida for years before getting married. We all know how difficult it is to become an engineer or maybe we don’t because half of us did not even try to be one. Lol.

Cric Crak wishes more ‘Power’ to all these beautiful women and hopes that just like their husbands, they too continue to contribute to the growth of their country by contributing in their very own way by using the skill- sets they have.

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