Will get a beer after the lockdown is over : Ravi Shastri


The lockdown in the country has entered phase 3 but there have been some restrictions removed partially. The Covid-19 pandemic has well and truly impacted the economic activity and that has meant very little revenue collection for the states.

In order to up the ante against Coronavirus, the state governments need this revenue and alcohol is one thing that falls outside the GST, therefore the revenue made out of it goes to the state government. This has led to many states allowing the sale of liquor from May 4 onwards and that saw huge lines by desperate people outside alcohol shops.

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Source: circleofcricket.com

One person who doesn’t mind his alcohol and to his credit, doesn’t shy away from the fact that he enjoys a drink, is Ravi Shastri. In a recent interaction he expressed his desire for a beer. “With the lockdown now, I’m past the red zone and am currently in the orange zone in Alibaug. I’m going to get a beer tonight, am sure there will be some shop open. And if I had to get 2 guys to get a beer with me I’m sure Roger would have joined me and so would Siva,” he added when asked whom he would like to hang around with in quarantine from the Indian team of 1985.

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