Will play myself in my biopic especially if Anushka plays the role of my wife : Virat Kohli


It has been a difficult 2 months for everyone, with a lot of negativity around due to the pandemic. For cricket fans, there has been some relief as star players have regularly featured in Instagram lives. This has given their followers something to look forward to in an otherwise boring period.

The most recent players to do an insta live were India’s cricket Captain Virat Kohli and India’s football captain Sunil Chhetri. The two are also friends in real life and their bond was fully on display during their hour long chat. It seemed like Chhetri had done his share of research and asked Virat very pointed questions.

IPL 2019: Sunil Chhetri helps Virat Kohli & Co during Royal ...
Source: Hindustan Times

When the football skipper asked Virat about the actor who should play his role if a biopic were to be made on him, Kohli said, “With Anushka, I will definitely do the biopic myself. But let me clear up this misunderstanding that I can act. I can play football also, will you let me play in ISL? “I can, however, act in my own biopic because I can essay my own role quite well. I hope. If anyone else plays the role better than me then bilkul hi nitthala aadmi hu main.”

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