Yograj Singh accuses Kohli, Dhoni of backstabbing Yuvraj Singh


Yuvraj Singh’s story is an inspiration to not just cricketers around the world, but people from all walks of life. His battle and subsequent victory over cancer is proof enough of the mindset, the man possesses. Apart from that the Chandigarh born Star was one of the greatest white ball cricketers India has produced and his impact in big wins is second to none.

However, the superstar didn’t get the respectable send off a player of his stature deserves and his bitterness against the present team management has come to the fore more than once in recent times. His outspoken father has made a reputation of making very controversial statements and this time apart from the usual Dhoni bashing, Yograj Singh also accused Virat Kohli of backstabbing his son.

MS Dhoni called 'filth' by Yuvraj Singh's father Yograj Singh ...
Source: IBTimes India

He also didn’t leave former selector Sarandeep Singh and has accused him of plotting against his son. “Indian selector Sharandeep Singh, he used to go to meetings and say that Yuvraj should be dropped. Such people are appointed as selectors who do not know ABC of cricket. What do you expect from them? It hurts when someone backstabs you. Everybody was worried about what would happen to them if Yuvraj continues to perform,” Yograj further added.

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