Yuvraj Singh’s unintentionally casteist remark puts him in a soup


These days celebrities have to be very careful about what they say, as there is a vast amount of people closely monitoring each syllable they use. In today’s India, being politically correct is the need of the hour and variance with that, could land these celebrities in trouble. Recently, Harbhajan and Yuvraj found this the hard way when they made a humanitarian appeal to Indians to donate to Shahid Afridi’s charity to help fight against Covid-19.

Few days later, Afridi made a provocative remark about a Kashmir and PM Modi, and Harbhajan and Yuvraj had to publicly break their friendship with Afridi. Whilst that matter was just being put in the cold storage, Yuvraj has again found himself at the wrong end of the stick. Yuzvendra Chahal has been entertaining us all during this lockdown with tik tok videos of him and his family.

Yuvraj Singh, Yuzvendra Chahal recreate Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol's ...
Source: Deccan Chronicle

On one of these videos Yuvi, unintentionally used the casteist slur ‘bha*gi’ which didn’t go down well with twitterati and ‘Yuvraj Singh maafi mango’ (Yuvraj apologise) trended on the microblogging site. One must understand that it’s possible Singh used the term lightly, and while no casteist slur should be promoted, he surely didn’t mean what he said. However, if someone is hurt then there should be no hesitation in apologising.





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