I love Punjab but i did not like the running of the franchise” – Yuvraj Singh.


Yuvraj Singh is someone who has inspired many to take up cricket as a professional sport. His journey has been no less than a Bollywood movie and the southpaw from Punjab has been absolutely smoking it to all parts of the ground ever since he debuted against Kenya in the year 2000.

It was a new decade and a new ‘Star’ was born. Someone so flamboyant that our eyes literally could not believe it. Adam Gilchrist once quoted, ” Cancer spoilt Yuvraj’s career otherwise he was set to be the biggest thing in Indian Cricket”. To be honest, it made complete sense as post his comeback from the deadly disease- while we could see glimpses of the old Yuvi, he wasn’t exactly what he used to be! He still did enough to deserve a place on merit though as even half a Yuvraj Singh was much better than many others, such was his aura, such was his skill!

Image Source: Times Of India

Alongside Indian Cricket, Yuvraj SIngh has also applied his trade towards the Indian Premier League ( IPL) for multiple franchises but what he recently quoted certainly took everyone a surprise. nobody was expecting this bouncer as the Punjab born batsman recently expressed, ” Wanted to run away from kings XI Punjab. the management didn’t like me there. they did nothing i asked them to do and when i left they bought all the players i had been asking them to. I love Punjab but i did not like the running of the franchise” – Yuvraj Singh.

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The 2 time World Cup winner certainly did not shy away while expressing his thoughts and certainly seemed to be quite gutted by the Kings XI Punjab Management. It would be interesting to see if the Bollywood Diva, Preity Zinta has something to say to this considering she has always been in the scheme of things as far as running the franchise is concerned.

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