3 Worst Test batsmen of all time

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Cricket is a special game as it is most likely one of the only game where you need to pull of an expertise despite the fact that one may be extraordinarily terrible at it. That is to say, tail enders batting despite the fact that they may be outright slumps with the willow.

We are constantly fixated on positioning the best batsman ever, in this manner we remembered to switch the situation a little and bring to the front the 3 most terrible batsmen throughout the entire existence of Test Cricket. The list goes as:


1) Chris Martin (71 tests; 123 runs, 12* best ever score, 36 ducks) – There is just a single victor with regards to the most terrible batsman ever. Of the relative multitude of times he batted in tests, Martin arrived at twofold figures only once.


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2) Courtney Walsh (132 tests, 936 runs, 30* best ever score, 43 ducks) – There is no question that Walsh was one of the most lethal quick bowlers to have played the sport, yet the equivalent can’t be said about ability with the bat in his hand. The gigantic personality that he is, he holds the record of scoring the most ducks in Test cricket.

Courtney Walsh should not have to take batting lessons from an administrator
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3) Bhagwath Chandrasekhar (58 Test, 167 runs, 22 best ever score, 23 ducks) – The polio in his arm turned out brilliantly for Chandra when it came to tricking the batsmen with his unorthodox bowling action. In any case, the similar problem caused hindrance in his batting and so he ends up at the bottom in this rundown.


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